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We’re making roads safer for motorcyclists and everyone around them by creating intuitive, integrated, and forward-thinking equipment.

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Innovative Smart Helmet

  • Be Seen

    The Helmet's integrated lighting system connected to the bike makes you more visible and therefore, communication with other riders becomes easier.
  • Be Sleek

    No compromise between design, technology, and safety. Its aesthetics ensure a perfect balance between pleasure and freedom.
  • Be Connected

    Our technology defines a preventive framework and takes care of you all the time. Share your statistics, reassure your entourage and develop your community of bikers.

Future-Proof Technology that Protects Supports and Connects

Voice Command
  • - Phone Calls
  • - Navigation/Music
  • - Smart assistant compatibility
Phone App
  • - Fall detection
  • - Customizable LED lights
  • - Share trips with friends
  • - Call Service System
  • - Automatically Alerts Family
  • - Three pre-selected relatives
Road Light Synchronization
  • - Turn Signals
  • - Brake Lights
  • - Front & Tail
Fully Connected
  • - 4G network + LTE-M
  • - Share Ride Data
  • - Connect with your Motorcycle
Tali Connected
  • - Digital maintenance
  • - Smart alarm
  • - GPS real time location

Our helmet and beacon are both seamlessly connected to the TALI Ride app

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